Private aviation: sky keys with delivery

Private aviation: sky keys with delivery

In the morning - a business lunch in the center of Europe. In the evening - the wedding of close friends on the US coast. Continents get closer, if at hand - a fleet of aircraft, 24 hours a day ready to deliver you anywhere in the world. And even if you are late for the flight, the departure time will change with a probability of almost 100%.

At the service of our customers

A new fleet of aircraft of various classes, helicopters and business jets.

We guarantee strict confidentiality and impeccable service: satellite communications and Wi-Fi on board will not interrupt the conduct of business tasks for a minute.

No longer adjust your schedule to aircraft schedules

  • Choosing a private jet of various capacities for any task, from a business meeting to a holiday weekend with your family.
  • Flight information in plain language. The usual level of comfort on board, including premium restaurant service.
  • Experienced crews with an impressive touch. Excellent technical condition of the aircraft.
  • No queues at passport control or booking an airplane for months.
  • the ability to fly to the most inaccessible places on the planet - for you there will be no restrictions on the flight range.
Order VIP lounges and Fast Track services at airports

Order VIP lounges and Fast Track services at airports

Connecting flights will no longer overshadow the journey! Use your stay at the airport as an exciting travel experience. With our help, book one of the VIP lounges and discover the doors of the best world recreation areas for passengers.

We will book a lounge at any airport on the planet

We will provide each client with a huge selection of opportunities for recovery after the flight and solve business problems.

Spa relaxation for the benefit of beauty and health. You can relax and then go further on the road.
Cozy lounge areas with upholstered furniture and widescreen TVs.
Chef's meals and refreshments will make the trip truly comfortable.

And to make the trip extremely enjoyable and informal, don't forget about Fast Track. Thanks to him, you can skip the line:

  • registration;
  • passport control;
  • customs control.

Depending on the departure or arrival, the assistant will meet you at the exit of the plane or at the airline’s check-in desk, take care of parking and unloading baggage, accompany you to the exit from the airport or the ramp, providing a separate transfer.

Buying and renting property abroad

Buying and renting property abroad

If you often spend time abroad for business purposes, plan to take your children to the ocean for the summer, or have been thinking about moving to one of the prosperous countries for a long time, renting or buying a property may be especially relevant for you. This is an opportunity to comfortably be in your beloved country, and a great investment in the future of the family.

There is no geographic framework for us

Just indicate the place on the map - we will choose a luxury villa, luxury penthouse or budget apartments.

Our company will help you realize your dream of real estate:

  • select the object of the desired price range and recommend successful options in the specified region;
  • will support the process of preparing documents and concluding financial transactions;
  • provide professional advice on the ownership or rental of real estate in the selected country, taking into account local laws.
Rental islands for events

Rental islands for events

You have a unique opportunity to become the full owner of an uninhabited island - albeit temporarily! Choose your paradise, arrange a quiet family celebration, a romantic ceremony or a noisy party.

We will organize everything necessary for a memorable holiday:

Provide a list of possible objects in the selected region.

Decide what you like: bungalows and giant turtles, white beaches with palm trees or high waves for surfing.

We arrange service and transfer

We will help with the design of the festive location and the delivery of concert equipment. And also, we will organize a transfer of guests to the island and back.

Let's solve the issues of menu and service

The attendants on the island will help you and your guests feel comfortable, and also implements the planned menu.

Provide a selection of additional entertainment

Additionally, you can order excursions, fishing in the open sea, diving and other entertainment.

Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter

There are many places in the world whose beauty opens only from the sea. If the spirit of a great navigator lives in you, do not delay the journey of your dreams! Our company will help you rent a comfortable yacht for family or corporate vacations.

Usually the cost of rent includes crew services. You can choose a rental option: with a skipper who will take charge of the yacht, or without it. In the second case, you will be required to have skipper rights.

Rental of villas, chalets and castles

Rental of villas, chalets and castles

An old mansion with a view of the vineyards, Gothic stone castles or villas lost among the greenery, there are many places in the world where you can still feel the breath of aristocratic history.

Our company will take care of the entire preparation of the villa or chalet. You just have to come and feel like an aristocrat of the XXI century.

Such a luxury property

An effective option for organizing a luxurious wedding, banquet or other family and corporate celebrations. Here you can still feel the flavor of the past: classic materials prevail in the interior, and real antiques acts as a decor.

At the same time, castles and villas have everything that modern residents need:

  • wireless Internet and a full range of household appliances;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • air conditioning;
  • high-quality plumbing and other benefits of civilization.
In addition to the fabulous holiday atmosphere, there are always enough rooms in the castle or spacious villa to accommodate guests. And no extraneous and curious hotel neighbors!
And the adjoining lands will be a bonus: orchards or olive groves, elegant flower beds or well-groomed lawns.

Ukraine Travel Tips

Are you planning to visit Ukraine? Here are some Ukraine travel tips from Wonders & Holidays DMC, that will make your stay more comfortable and safe.


Entering Ukraine
Citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and Switzerland can visit Ukraine and stay for not more than 90 days in Ukraine without a visa. To stay longer apply for a Ukraine visa at the Ukraine’s Embassies/Consulates abroad, or contact us for help.


Currency exchange
We advise you to exchange currencies only in banks or special exchange offices. To avoid fraud, do not exchange currency on the black market (people on the street). We also do not recommend you to do it at the train stations and airports, since they usually have less desirable exchange rates.


Drinking water
Do not drink unboiled tap water. The safest way is to buy bottled water.


Electricity standards
Wall outlets in Ukraine are Type CEE 7/16 Europlug (as in other EU countries) and supply electricity at 220 volts AC/50 Hz frequency. If your device features a different kind of plug, take a voltage converter or an adapter with you since it may be difficult to find them in Ukraine.


Restaurants and cafes
Ukrainian restaurants are much cheaper than European ones. The most popular Ukrainian dishes are borsch, vareniki, and meat and cabbage rolls. If you follow a low-calorie diet, please, remember that national Ukrainian cuisine features many high-calorie dishes. A sufficient tip would be between 5-10% of the total bill, unless it is already included in the bill.


Smoking in public places is prohibited by the law. Use specially designated places to smoke in cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers.


If you need a taxi, use taxi dispatching services, online taxi services (by the way, Uber operates in Ukraine) or private transfer service.
Intercity trains and buses can take you to almost anywhere in the country. You can buy tickets at the train stations or at the special agencies.


Check out the list of Ukraine’s best cities to plan your route.




Ukraine Travel Tips